About Us


CPR World was established somewhere around 1998. Back then we had a few CPR manikins and taught only a hand full of classes a year. Most of those classes were for friends looking for a "bro" deal. Our goal from the beginning has been to provide high quality training, using state-of-the-art equipment at a reasonable price. What's the key to providing high quality training? Utilize dynamic instructors with broad backgrounds and a passion for teaching as the foundation for the company. Our instructors draw upon knowledge from a wide range of professional and personal experience including prehospital medicine, emergency medicine, emergency management, search and rescue, and fire fighting as well as outdoor activities including rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing, white water boating, and scuba diving. We are dedicated to providing hands-on experience in a low stress environment to optimize the learning process and empower our students with knowledge and skills so they can make a difference in an emergency situation.

Cheers…Kevin Dunkak