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Wilderness Courses in Telluride Colorado

Wilderness Module

2-4 Hours

This 2 to 4 hour course is often taught as an add-on to a one-day First Aid and CPR/AED course but can also be taught as a standalone course for individuals previously certified in First Aid. The Wilderness Module covers patient assessment, wound management, musculoskeletal injuries, and patient packaging and transport in a back country environment. Hands-on practice of skills reinforces concepts and better prepares students to administer care in a remote setting where help may be hours away. This module is not intended to replace a Basic First Aid course but rather augment it with information and skills relevant to the wilderness.

Wilderness First Aid

WFA | 16-20 hours

Wilderness First Aid is the assessment of and treatment given to an ill or injured person in a remote environment where definitive care of a physician and/or rapid transport is not readily available. In this course you will learn how to assess, treat and when possible, prevent medical and traumatic emergencies within the scope of your training. Time is the essential element distinguishing wilderness first aid from standard first aid. When calling EMS is not an immediate option, or when help could be an hour or even days away, the task of managing the injured and the ill can challenge you well beyond the principles of basic first aid.

9-Day Wilderness First Responder

WFR9 | 9 Days | 72-80 Hours

Essential for anyone who spends significant time in remote places or who has a professional career in the outdoors, the Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course will prepare you to make difficult medical and evacuation decisions in remote locations. Taught over 9 or 10 days this course is fast-paced and engaging. You’ll spend half your time outside of the classroom doing hands-on skills and realistic scenarios. In addition to scenarios, you’ll participate in two full-scale mock rescues, one of which may be at night. The course also includes an American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR certification. You’ll be taught by dynamic instructors who have practiced both wilderness and urban medicine. This course is ideal for all professionals operating in remote environments. Upon completion of this nationally recognized curriculum you will possess the tools and confidence to manage patients in the back country for multiple days.

5-Day Wilderness First Responder

WFR5 | 5 Days | 72-80 Hours

This course covers the same material and meets the same criteria as our standard Wilderness First Responder. It is designed for students and professionals who have tight schedules and the self-discipline to complete approximately 30 hours of pre-course preparation. Students will receive the WFR study materials approximately four weeks before the course starts. They are required to complete the assigned reading, case studies, and quizzes. The on-site instruction that follows reinforces and expands on the knowledge already acquired. Because students arrive familiar with the didactic material, on-site training can focus on wilderness and rescue scenarios and practical skills. Expect rescue scenarios with made-up victims and simulated wounds to prepare you for backcountry emergencies.

Wilderness Medicine Courses in Telluride Colorado

Wilderness First Responder Recertification

WFR Recert | 24 Hours

The Wilderness First Responder Recertification course is open to graduates of all WFR courses of 70 hours or longer with a current WFR certification. Wilderness EMTs may also recertify the wilderness portion of their WEMT with this course. Both the Wilderness portion and the EMT-B or higher certifications must be current.

Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals

WUMP | 45 Hours

Learn how to improvise equipment, deal with challenging environments, and make difficult medical and evacuation decisions in remote locations with confidence. Apply your urban emergency care knowledge as our seasoned instructors lead you through five days of intense, hands-on learning. Must be a current EMR, EMT, RN, PA, MD, DO, or PT to participate in this course. Successful course completion will certify EMTs as Wilderness EMTs and all others as Wilderness First Responders. The WEMTU course will keep you engaged through hands-on skill practice, case studies, and practical scenarios with mock patients.

Wilderness Medicine Courses in Telluride Colorado
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